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About Murphy's Cove

The Murphy's Cove development site is designed to protect the pristine environment of the area, 255 acres on the south side of Chapel Arm inlet overlooking Trinity Bay in the community of Norman's Cove. Access to the site is provided by the Trans Canada Highway and Route 201, the main road in Norman's Cove.

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Murphy's Cove


The site is defined by, and located on, two ridges approximately 18 meters above sea level overlooking two water courses, Murphy's Cove Brook and Three Pond Brook, and Gullies that flow into Trinity Bay. The ridges are aligned in an east west orientation parallel to the two brooks. Depending on the vantage point the site offers views of both brooks, the ponds, gullies and views of Norman's Cove and Trinity bay.


Our Beautiful Location.

The pristine nature of the site is exemplified by the broad valley on the north, and south facing slope, two extensive cobble beaches that are protected from the prevailing southwesterly summer and north west winter winds, on the south by Murphy's Cove Brook and the west by the local road, Route 201.











Nearby Attractions

  • Norman's Cove is one of the oldest communities in Trinity Bay. In the 1800s it was a ship building town, the timbers were cut from the vast Birch stands that once populated the now coniferous rich forests. Today it is a fishing community with boats large and small feeding into its own fish plant.

    In Long Cove, there is a geological marvel of rocks known by the locals as "Long Rocks". There are pink and green limestone containing fossil algae, massive conglomerates and the oldest of the rocks, the Cambrian quartz sandstones from the Cambrian Era as its name indicates.

    If you like the majesty of the ocean, Trinity Bay is one of the most beautiful places on the island to witness its splendor. Every year Icebergs, most of which breaking off from glacial fields in Greenland, are carried along the Newfoundland coastline and often into Trinity Bay by ocean currents.

    These bergs can sometimes be seen on the many walking trails, such as the famous Osprey Trail, or the newly developed Lookout, Ocean View, or Sea View trails. For a closer look a boat is the best way to go.

    Murphy's Cove Development


Get In Touch.

Murphy's Cove Development is privately owned and managed. We are a local company, using local contractors committed to preserving the environment in the clearing and building of roads and lot development.



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Development Partners

Mitchell Mercer
Project Manager, Site Development
M&M Developments
T: 709-689-9790

Wilfred J. Thorne, NLS
W. J. Thorne Surveys Limited
T: 709-759-2392
F: 709-759-3035

George Mercer & Sons
Multiple Listing Service
Waddington Peddigrew Hogan Law